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Budha is a five year old yellow Labrador. His name, Budha truly reflects his vibrant and crazy nature. Budha was named after the Hindu word for the planet Mercury, and anybody who has known or owned a labrador will understand why we named him after such a spirited and dynamic object.

Unfortunately, at a very young age Budha was diagnosed with severe hip Dysplasia.

My husband and I were quite distraught at our local Veterinarians prognosis and opted to consult a specialist in the field who was much more optimistic and suggested physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Budha's physiotherapist suggested we try The Links and since then, Budha has never been stronger and happier.

Budha swims three times a week at The Links pool and completes 20 laps. Sean and the staff at The Links are some of Budha's favourite people and have been over the last four and a half years. Because of his swimming, he has developed very strong muscles around his hips and now has virtually no problems with his condition.

Budha is definitely part of our family, and, having no human children, Vinnie and I consider our animals as a very important part of our lives. Our friends and family tell us all the time that Budha and the others are very spoilt and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Budha likes to spend his days napping, sitting with me while I study and playing outside with his much loved stuffed toys. We are hoping that our Budha is with us for many years to come and we also hope to be taking him to The Links for many years to come.


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