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Links shakespeare and owner

Shakespeare was born on 17 March 2013 at Toogoolawah. Since the day he joined our family, he's been this confident, outgoing and happy companion. He is actually the star of the dog park and the best friend of all the kids in our street.

Shakespeare is also well known at our regular vet. Unfortunately, the vet has become his second home.

Shakespeare is allergic to pretty much everything and up until recently, we discovered that he has hip dysplasia and we had to limit his exercise considerably. We were told that swimming and hydrotherapy would be the most suitable option to keep him fit and build up muscle.

We were extremely lucky to find The Links as Sean and his team have been brilliant at teaching and guiding us on how to manage his condition. Since the first day we took Shakespeare for his hydrotherapy session, Sean has always been there to provide advice and encouragement, all with the most positive and friendly attitude.

After just a few sessions, we must say that we've seen visible results. Shakespeare has gained mobility in his hind legs, he is less sore and he is coping much better with his daily workouts. He has even lost some weight!

Shakespeare is family to us in every single way. This year has been particularly hard for us, and having our family away has been even harder; however, Shakespeare has been there for us with his happy heart and his wagging tail, so we are committed to him and we will make sure he has the life he deserves, and people like Sean will help us to achieve this goal.

Diana, Carlos & Shakespeare

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